30+ Best Home Office Desk Ideas to CRUSH Your Work (2018)

Do you know what I HATE the most about those corporate jobs?

You guessed it… those damn cubicles.

I mean, you drive all the way to work (if you can call sitting in traffic “driving”), only to be stuck for 8-9 hours straight sitting in that horrible desk, praying for the day to finally be over so they can do it all over again.

They do know how to suck the fun out of life, don’t they?

Thank god I started working from home… and if you’re reading this – I’m guessing you do too (at least some of the time)

You know what that means: Time to kiss that old, life-sucking cubicle and its boring desk goodbye, and give a big welcome to a brand new & exciting home office desk!

Whether you’re working from home part-time or planning to work from your home office full time – get ready to meet your new home office desk, a desk that’ll help you get sh*t done like never before.

Tip: This guide is pretty comprehensive (it took me over a week to write it!). That’s why I created this Table of Contents so you’ll be able to easily navigate to the sections you need. Use it wisely.

Top Home Office Desk Ideas

There are SO many great home office desk ideas to choose from. It’s a jungle of desks out there…

How do you weed out the wheat from the chaff? Don’t worry, I’ve already done the work for you and put them all in this table 🙂

Home Office DeskProsCons 
Top Modern Desk Need Computer Desk Folding TableNEED Computer Desk Folding TablePros: Foldable, 0 assembly needed, light, spacious, terrific customer serviceCons: Not cheapOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Corner Desk Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner DeskWalker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner DeskPros: Easy to assembly, modern design, modular, sturdy (& light)Cons: Short, annoying crossbarOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Small Desk Small Computer Desk For Home OfficeOffice Oasis Small Computer Desk For Home OfficePros: Sleek, easy to assemble, durable, great value for $Cons: Packaging is "meh"Our Rating:
Get it Here
Top Large Desk Bush Business Furniture Office DeskBush Business Furniture Office DeskPros: Very long, sturdy, easy to assembleCons: Simple designOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Executive Desk Coaster Oval Shaped Executive DeskCoaster Oval Shaped Executive DeskPros: Gorgeous, tons of storage space, lots of extras, tremendous qualityCons: No room for cablesOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Modular Desk Ashley Furniture Signature Design Baraga Home Office DeskAshley Furniture Signature Design Baraga Home Office DeskPros: Sleek design, modular, lots of space, easy setupCons: No cable space, heavyOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Unique Desk Origami Foldable Computer DeskOrigami Foldable Computer DeskPros: Easy setup, mobile, cheap, sturdy, foldableCons: Bad packagingOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Standing Desk Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing DeskVaridesk Height Adjustable Standing DeskPros: Immediate assembly, easy adjustment, comfortable, sturdyCons: Expensive, not suitable for tall peopleOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Luxury Desk Hon Double Pedestal DeskHon Double Pedestal DeskPros: Elegant, central locking mechanism, lots of storage, easy to setupCons: Drawers need a nudgeOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Cheap Desk Zinus Modern Home Office DeskZinus Modern Home Office DeskPros: Modern design, easy assembly, light, cheapCons: WobblesOur Rating:
Get it Here
Top Antique Desk Coaster Home Furnishings Analiese Writing Desk Antique NutmegCoaster Home Furnishings Analiese Writing Desk Antique NutmegPros: Unparalleled quality, simple setup, antique nutmeg designCons: HeavyOur Rating:
Get it Here

Want the meaty details? Keep reading…

Modern & Contemporary Desks

I hated going to my previous job.


  • The depressing cubicle
  • Those awful fluorescent lights
  • People with a “when is this day going to be over” face

Just to name a few…

A workplace should be stimulating and “alive”, not mind-numbing and “dead”.

Unfortunately, working from home means we’re missing out on the water cooler conversations and other social benefits that an office provides, so we need to find ways to compensate on that.

Believe it or not, but a simple change to your work environment can do wonders for your productivity.

A simple fix like replacing that old, rusty desk with a new, modern & sleek home office desk can be all the difference between “man, I didn’t get anything done today” to becoming uber-productive.

After all, it’s very hard to be productive and enjoy your work if your home office isn’t productive or enjoyable.

So let’s take care of that, shall we? 

NEED Computer Desk – Folding Table

Top Modern Desk

Need Computer Desk Folding Table


  • Foldable – easy to move around
  • Light – easy to move around
  • No assembly needed – easy to move around
  • Lots of space
  • Did I mention easy to move around?
  • Great customer support


  • A bit pricey

NEED are famous for their beautiful & excellent desks, and this one is no different. But that’s not the part that caught my attention.

You know what did capture my attention?


The desk is foldable (!), which means:

  1. It’s easy to move around (!)
  2. More importantly: it requires 0 assembly (!)

Simply open the box, take out the desk, unfold the legs… and voila! Your brand new home office is ready for action!

That’s a godsend for busy (and lazy) people like me who don’t want to waste time setting up the desk.

It is a bit pricey, but if you ask me – just the headaches it saves you alone are worth the price (not to mention this desk lasts for YEARS, so it’s no biggie).

That’s as close to perfect you could hope for.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

Tribesigns Modern L Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk


  • Large surface space – tons of room
  • Looks terrific
  • Incredibly stable & sturdy
  • Great price


  • Instructions are a little vague
  • Not easy to move

I’ll say it straight up: Tribesigns’ modern home office desk is gorgeous. And I mean all 5 of them (it comes in 5 different colors)!

You might be thinking that it’s It’s worth getting it just because of that.

But we’ve been taught not to judge a book (or in this case, desk) only by its cover, so let’s “open the book” and take a closer look…

It has a MASSIVE surface area – which means you can go ahead and put your books, folders, papers, laptop, desktop computer, your child, your spouse, your dog, and still have plenty of room left! (ok, maybe not your spouse, but your child and your dog would love it there!)

But it’s advantage is also a disadvantage. Because the desk is pretty big and takes some effort to assemble, it’s extra hard to take it apart and move it later on.

Bonus: It also Includes a free CPU stand for a desktop computer. And it’s open too, so your computer won’t overheat.

A remarkable desk for your home office that’s worth every penny, especially since you don’t need lots of pennies.

Our Rating:

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Nathan Home Wooden Home Office Computer Desk

Nathan Home Wooden Home Office Computer Desk


  • Extra storage – 2 large compartments to store stuff
  • Quick & easy to assemble (15 minutes and you’re done)
  • Multi-purpose
  • Sturdy & lasts for a long time
  • Very attractive


  • Not cheap

The previous modern home office desks were pretty large. What if you’ve got a smaller room?

Does that mean you’re screwed? Would you have to settle for an ugly desk?

Not so fast, señor (or señora)…

You can, should and deserve to have a desk that is both small and good looking.

That’s where Nathan comes in. And no, I’m not talking about my uncle Nathan… I’m talking about Nathan Home’s beautiful home office desk.

Not only is it small, but it’s also super attractive, super strong and super useful.

How useful? Well, it’s multi-purpose, which means you can use it in many different ways, such as a coffee table, a living room table, or even to change your baby’s diapers… get creative!

Plus, don’t let the small size fool you. It has a LOT of space. And I’m not just talking about the surface area… I’m talking about the 2 large compartments you can use to store your laptop, books or any other material.

Finally – it’s “lazy-friendly”. In just 15 minutes of “work”, it’ll stand strong and look all beautiful and charming.

Our Rating:

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Corner & L Shaped Desks

One of the most annoying things in most workplaces is those lucky bastards who got a corner office while everyone else is stuck in their cubicle like sardines.

No wonder why so many people hate their jobs.

Good news, if you like the idea of having your own corner office, minus the annoying boss breathing down your neck – you got it.

All you gotta do is pick your favorite corner and choose a corner (or L Shaped) home office desk that fits.

Who said, “go sit in the corner” is a bad thing? 

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Top Corner Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sleek & polished design (includes tempered safety glass)
  • Modular – can be used as 2 separate desks
  • Very sturdy and lightweight
  • Great value for money


  • Not very tall – problematic for tall people
  • The crossbar often blocks the legs

When it comes to value for your money – Walker Edison’s corner home office desk is the closest you’ll ever get a perfect deal.

  • Beautiful modern designed
  • Cheap as hell
  • AND it’s modular

In other words – you get 2 modern home office desks for the price of 1 (and for a ridiculously low price).

Note: I actually thought whether I should include it in the “Modular home office desks” section or in this one, but realized that it deserved a much higher spot on the list… so there we are.

A perfect example of high quality & low price…

There’s one exception though: this desk is pretty low. If you’re tall (over 6 feet), then you’ll probably struggle with this desk quite a bit…

Plus, the crossbar is pretty annoying (again, especially for you giants out there).

Tip: You can remove the crossbar if you find it annoying.

Bottom Line: If you’re not a giant, this is one hell of a home office desk. If you are a giant – skip this desk and keep reading.

Our Rating:

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Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk – Salt Oak

Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk Salt Oak


  • Large & sturdy
  • Elegant look (especially for home office)
  • Reliable company


  • Takes a while to assemble (instructions aren’t the best)
  • Drawers don’t come out far enough

The problem with most corner desks is that they’re quite small (and some of them are low, like the previous one).

HELLO, just because we’re sitting in the corner (was someone naughty?) doesn’t mean we deserve a small desk!

If your desk tends to get busier than the president’s desk, then I’m afraid a small desk wouldn’t cut it.

Besides its incredible looks, Saunder’s corner computer desk comes with a ton of storage space for anything you possibly need thanks to the hutch, and a ton of space to roll around with your chair (admit it, it’s fun rolling around).

The only pain in the ass is assembling the damn thing. It will probably take you a few hours to set up (look at as a pet project you work on with your kids/spouse)…but once it’s set up – you’re golden.

Our Rating:

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SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

Shw L Shaped Home Office Corner Desk


  • Quick & easy assembly (great instructions)
  • Lightweight & sturdy
  • Very affordable


  • Basic desk (no extra features)

If I had to describe this L-shaped desk in one word, it’s simplicity.

  • It’s easy & straightforward to set up
  • Basic design, without any “Hoo Hahs” (Al Pacino wouldn’t like it)
  • Very light – you can easily move it around the house (you know, if the dog is barking or the neighbors are having a screaming competition)

Simplicity is the name of the game.

If you need a cheap & simple home office desk, then this is a fantastic choice.

Our Rating:

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Small Desks

Don’t have a lot of space for a large home office desk?

That’s ok…

Chances are – you don’t even need a large desk. I actually prefer working from my small home office desk – fewer distractions, less clutter = more focus.

Less is more.

Office Oasis Small Computer Desk for Home Office

Top Small Desk

Small Computer Desk For Home Office


  • Incredibly sleek – fits any home office
  • Easy to put together (15 minutes max)
  • Durable & sturdy as hell
  • Tremendous value for money


  • Packaging is a bit of a mess

You’d expect a company named “Office Oasis” to create one heck of a home office desk. And you’d be right on the money…

They definitely over-delivered (which is incredibly rare these days) and created one of the best home office desks your money can buy.

  • It’s easy enough to set up that even the clumsiest person in the world would set this up in 15 minutes MAX.
  • It’s sleek enough to satisfy those who “just need a good desk”, as well as those interior design freaks who need every piece of furniture to fit.
  • It’s strong enough that you can stand on it (unless you’re a sumo wrestler, in which case you should be careful). Should you stand on it? Probably not (don’t you blame me if you fall and break a limb!)
  • It’s small enough to fit any small home office space and sleek enough to buy it even if you have a large office.

Note: In fact, if you’ll read the reviews, you’ll quickly notice that a lot of people purchase this as a backup desk (because it’s cheap, so why the hell not), and they quickly decide “OK, I guess I should move this desk into my home office”.

I tried hard looking for flaws in this desk and failed miserably (except for the packaging, but that’s just me being a hardass).

It clearly deserves an award, so gladly gave it the “Top Small Desk” award.

Our Rating:

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Zinus Port Small Home Office Computer Desk (Espresso)

Zinus Port Small Home Office Computer Desk Espresso


  • Cool extra features: side storage area, cable manager and monitor stand
  • Sexy look (Espresso finish)
  • Minimalistic and space efficient


  • The monitor stand is a little flimsy (but it’s free, so…)

I kind of feel bad for the rest of the small home office desks, because they have to compete with a strong contender like Office Oasis’ extraordinary desk.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not good (the fact that they’re on this list says something).

In fact, Zinus’ small home office desk isn’t only good, it’s also quite unique.

What’s unique, you ask? Well, for starters it has a stunning Espresso finished surface area (give me anything related to Espresso – and I’m hooked).

It comes with cool extra features like:

  • Additional storage area on the side, which you can use to keep some office essentials or to even hang your bag.
  • A cable manager so you don’t end up with a mess with all those cables lying around in the back.
  • A monitor stand (it’s a bit wobbly, but you get it for free, so I’ll “forgive” that)

That’s quite smart, generous, AND clearly an advantage over Office Oasis’ desk. Plus, it’s also cheaper – so if the price is a deal-breaker, then, by all means, go for this one… you wouldn’t regret it.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Wooden Computer Writing Desk for Home Office + 2 Open Tiers Shelves

Wooden Computer Writing Desk For Home Office 2 Open Tiers Shelves


  • Cute desk
  • Lots of space + extra adjustable side shelves


  • Hard to put together (Lacks instructions)
  • Prone to scratches

This is one adorable looking wooden home office desk.

It’s small, cute and quite handy: you can store all sorts of books, desk accessories and other important office stuff.

Keep in mind: The shelves are located on the right side of the desk, NOT the left side like in the picture.

That being said – it doesn’t come with instructions – so assembling this desk can be a HUGE pain in the *ss if you don’t know what you’re doing.

All in all, it’s a cute desk… But if you ask me, I’d rather put my money in one of the previous home office desks. It’s approximately the same price, and you get a better return on your investment.

Just one man’s opinion.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Read More: I wrote a whole guide on how to find small home office computer desks for small spaces… check it out.

Large Desks

A small home office desk doesn’t cut it? Need more space for your papers, documents, folders, and your lovely plant?

Fair enough.

If you’ve got the room for it, then there’s no reason not to get a large home office desk.

Careful though, the larger the desk, the more of a hassle it is to return it if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t fit.

So go over this section carefully, and choose wisely.

NEED Large L-shaped Home Office Desk

Need Large L Shaped Home Office Desk


  • Comes fully assembled (!)
  • Super sturdy (thanks to adjustable footpads)
  • Beautifully designed – specifically for home offices
  • Affordable


Remember NEED?

I’ll give you a hint: they already won the top “Modern Home Office Desks” award.

Now, they also snatched up our “Top Long Home Office Desk” Award.

Hey, no one said desk brands are limited to just one award. If Michael Phelps can win 8 Olympic gold medals in one tournament, so can any of the “players” here.

Besides, I wanted to include at least one L-shaped desk in this section, because not everyone can fit one particularly long desk in their office…

The way I see it, they L-shaped desks have a couple of benefits over one seriously long desk:

  1. L-shaped desks are large enough for you to do all your work stuff, and they save you more space.
  2. They allow you to be more organized. You can put the important things you’re working right in front of you, and all of the other crap on the side.
  3. You’re more focused. Our peripheral vision isn’t distracted by all the crap that’s in front of us. Less clutter in front of us = better focus.

NEEDs L-Shaped home office desk ticks all the boxes above and continues ticking more boxes than I can count. Here are just a few:

  • It comes fully assembled. All you’ve got to do is to set it up – and you’re done.
  • The desk’s footpads are adjustable, so you can adjust to your needs and keep the desk from wobbling.
  • It’s mobile. The fact that you don’t need to disassemble the desk to move it a huge plus.

A fabulous, and pretty affordable choice if you need a larger desk to fit your home office.

Did You Notice? This is the only home office desk that I couldn’t find anything negative worth mentioning in the “cons” column. That says something…

Our Rating:

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Bush Business Furniture Office Desk

Top Large Desk

Bush Business Furniture Office Desk


  • Looong (72+ inches wide) and spacious
  • Sturdy as hell
  • Easy to assemble (IKEA style)


  • Simple design

I know what’s on your mind:

“Bush Business Furniture? Does this have anything to do with George W. Bush?! I Love/Hate him! Viva Trump/Hillary!” 

Hey, relax! This isn’t a political blog! I’m just a guy trying to run a nice and quiet home office blog.

OK, now that we took care of that part, let’s focus on the desk.

It’s LONG. Maybe not “a 4-year presidency” kind of long (had to sneak in another political joke), but long enough to fit your laptop, dual monitors, books, TV, dog, children and still have room left to put your legs on the table.

And with all that weight, you’d think it’ll collapse? No sir, it’s strong as a rock.

True, the design won’t win any fashion awards. But if you value utility vs looks, then you probably don’t care about that anyway.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

NEED Large Computer Home Office Desk

Need Large Computer Home Office Desk


  • Easy to assemble
  • Clean design
  • Excellent customer support


  • A little pricey
  • Might wobble a bit

NEED again?! What the hell?!

This starts to look like a commercial for NEED, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not. (Unfortunately) NEED isn’t paying me a cent, they just have awesome home office desks.

Just like most of their desks – this one has a clean and simplistic design that blends in nicely anywhere, whether you gave your room a modern look, if you have a vintage thing going on or if you simply don’t care.

Setting the desk up is quick & simple, and it’ll stand strong for years (you know, as long as you don’t jump on it or do some crazy stuff).

Note: I did hear some people complain that their desk is a little wobbly, but if that’s the case – just contact NEED and they’ll give you a hand. They have pretty awesome customer support.

I do find this desk a little expensive though, especially since NEED’s other desks are around the same price and look much better.

Nevertheless, a solid option if you need a good & reliable desk.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Executive Desks

If you’re a bigshot executive, a small home office desk probably isn’t what you need.

You need the extra space, the professional look, the shelves, maybe even a hutch

And if the desk happens to be gorgeous – all the better. Especially if you’re planning to invite people over for meetings. You want them to get the right impression.


Here are some pretty phenomenal executive desks that’ll upgrade any home office.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

Top Executive Desk

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk


  • Absolutely gorgeous
  • Nearly endless storage space
  • 7 full extension drawers (including keyboard drawer)
  • Comes with a matching bookcase and file cabinet (optional)
  • Extraordinary quality & very sturdy


  • No hole for cables
  • Shipping may cause damage (double-check before you accept it!)

When people say “you should dress the part”, they usually refer to the clothes you’re wearing. But they completely forget to mention the desk you’re “wearing”, especially if it’s in your very own home office.

Imagine you’re inviting someone over for a business meeting. If you’re sitting behind a desk that looks like my little nephew’s study desk, and you’re asking them to write you a BIG fat check for $X0,000+ … do you really think you’re going to get it? I don’t think so…

This gorgeous executive desk has a premium Espresso + brown-red finish with beautiful intricate carvings. Not to mention the nearly endless amount of space, from the 7 drawers to the storage shelves all the way up to the bookcase and file cabinet (if you choose to get them) – so you can finally keep things organized and not lose your mind over the messy desk.

Quality wise – this impressive executive home office desk is barre none.

You won’t have to worry about giving a good first impression anymore. The rest is on you though (so don’t screw it up!).

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Ameriwood Home Pursuit U-Shaped Desk + Hutch Bundle

Ameriwood Home Pursuit U Shaped Desk With Hutch Bundle


  • “All in one” bundle
  • Tons of room
  • Much cheaper than alternative executive desks


  • Doesn’t include drawers or keyboard tray
  • Instructions are a little confusing
  • Surface scratches easily

The classic executive desk everyone is used to is often U-shaped. Thankfully, U-shaped home office desks are just as common, and just as available for us hardworking souls working from home.

This home office executive desk set comes with a hutch, a sideboard/cupboard (credenza), a bridge table, the whole nine…

If you’re looking to build your own home office, set up a small “command center” from home, then this bundle is an excellent option.

Tip: If you don’t need the whole bundle, then you can just order the desks you need (or even a smaller bundle).

The only real problem with this executive desk set is that it doesn’t include any drawers or even a keyboard tray, which is kind of a pain. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get those separately.

On the other hand, this executive desk set It’s much cheaper than most other executive desks you’ll find, so let’s not get greedy here…

Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before you dive in to assemble it.

Tip: The instructions aren’t too difficult, but they do require some planning in advance. I recommend taking one instruction at a time, and then immediately read the next one so you know what’s coming up next.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Coaster Home Office Executive Desk

Coaster Home Office Executive Desk


  • Beautiful & elegant desk
  • Very easy to assemble (it arrives almost fully assembled)


  • Finish isn’t the best
  • Heavy (perhaps it’s an advantage)

I have to admit right off the bat: while this desk is indeed beautiful, the finish can be improved a LOT (if you guys at Coaster are reading this, please take notes).

Just as an example, compare this desk to Coaster’s oval-shaped executive desk (the one I mentioned earlier) – there’s no comparison: the oval-shaped desk is an order of magnitudes better than this one (and it even costs less!).

OK, now that I took that off my chest, let’s look at the positives of this desk.

While the finish isn’t the best in the world, space, on the other hand, is definitely not an issue. This home office executive desk comes with felt lined top drawers and tons of surface area that can easily hold piles of legal and letter size files (I’m looking at you lawyers and accountants in the audience).

Plus, like I said, it’s beautiful – so you can’t go wrong there.

But if I’m being honest: if it was up to me – I’d choose the oval executive desk over this one (sorry Coaster).

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Modular Desks

A few months ago, I went to visit a friend for a “brainstorming session” (actually, we were talking about starting this website, how cool?).

He was sitting on his desk, I was sitting on his couch…

He told me: “Come sit at the desk, I’ll make room for you”.

I said: “Room? What room? There’s barely any room for you there”.

Then, out of nowhere, he grabbed a piece of wood, attached it to his desk, and said: “there you go”.

My response: “W-T-F-!”

Yep, apparently, modular home office desks are a “thing”. If only I had known… 

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Baraga Home Office Desk

Top Modular Desk

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Baraga Home Office Desk


  • Beautiful sleek & contemporary design (designed specifically for home offices)
  • Modular design (obviously)
  • Tons of space (and space-saving)
  • Easy to set up


  • No cable management
  • Quite heavy

Let’s kick off the modular home office desks section “contemporary style”.

Note: In fact, this handsome desk could’ve easily shined in the modern home office desks section, but since there aren’t many high-quality modular desks out there, I figured it deserves the extra spotlight.

This beautiful L-shaped desk is one heck of a craftsmanship, I can tell you that… It’s completely made of glass and metal, with a tempered glass tabletop.

Tip: You can use the glass tabletop as a canvas. You can use it to do things like:

  • Take notes
  • Write your To Do list so it’s right in front of you while you work
  • Or even sketch out some rough designs with an (erasable) magic marker, you know, Russel Crowe style in “A Beautiful Mind”… (but don’t come complaining to me if your spouse decides to come after you if you leave marks behind)

What about the modular design, you ask?

Well, whether you’re a lefty or a righty (I’m not talking about your political views), thanks to the modular & versatile design, you can choose to set up the desk in a way that suits you best.

If I had to use one word to describe the design, it would be chic.

The “chicness” (is that even a word?) and usefulness alone are worthy of the “Top Modular Desk” award.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Lobink Home Office Desk

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Lobink Home Office Desk


  • Modern & elegant design
  • Modular design
  • Lots of space (and space-saving)
  • Simple to assemble
  • Less heavy than the “glass” version


  • No cable management

Ashley Furniture is knocking it out of the park in this section. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll probably notice that this elegant design looks fairly similar to the first one, with a few minor differences:

  • This desk is crafted from wood (manmade wood) and veneers
  • It has a classic rich warm brown finish
  • It’s significantly less heavy than the glass version (yay!)

You know what that means – no more drawing on the table… Awww 🙁 

Besides that, It has pretty much the same features as the previous one.

Ashley Furniture for the win! (twice in a row)

Our Rating:

Get it Here

AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Desk

Amazonbasics Three Piece Glass Desk


  • Can be separated into 2 desks
  • Includes CPU stand and keyboard tray
  • Cheap


  • Sharp corners (be careful when you duck)
  • The keyboard tray is too small for a keyboard and mouse

It felt like Ashley’s Furniture had a monopoly on this section, so I decided to include another modular home office desk to keep from Ashley from taking over the world.

This three piece glass desk is actually pretty good:

  • You can actually separate it into two desks, which is super helpful
  • It has a nice, minimalist design
  • It’s a full-fledged computer desk

And of course: it’s pretty cheap.

But if you ask me, design-wise, this desk is light years behind the Ashley Furniture’s remarkable craftsmanship and quality.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Cool & Unique Desks

If you’re a colorful & creative person, then you’re probably thinking:

“Damn, most of these desks are pretty boring.”

OK, Mr. Artist… you want some unique desks for your home office, do you?

No problem…challenge accepted!

Origami Foldable Computer Desk

Top Unique Desk

Origami Foldable Computer Desk


  • 0 assembly needed
  • Mobile
  • Cheap
  • Surprisingly sturdy
  • It’s Origami!


  • The packaging kind of sucks

When I was a kid, I used to spend HOURS folding Pokemon figures in origami.

Laugh all you want, but there’s nothing like carrying a cute Origami Pikachu with you to school. It was awesome! (except for the part where people thought I was weird, and the bullying part… but I digress)

So guess how I felt when I found this cool Origami foldable computer desk? It brought back a lot of memories, I can tell you that.

This unique desk opens and folds in a matter of seconds – so even if you suck at folding Origami, you’ll manage to get this desk “up and running”.

… 0 assembly required

… 0 tools required

… 0 effort required

It’s 100% lazy-proof, mobile and surprisingly sturdy (you know, considering the fact it’s Origami)

Note: The only problem is the packaging – which does a pretty bad job protecting the desk against shipping damages.

Besides, you can fold this computer desk all day and no one will bully you, I can promise you that!

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Complete Home Office Workstation Desk

Complete Home Office Workstation Desk


  • Smart layout & design
  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • The assembly isn’t intuitive
  • Mouse area isn’t convenient
  • The colors (just not my style)

How’s that for a unique home office desk idea?

I know… At first glance, it looks a little weird… OK, a LOT weird. But after you’ll figure out what each “thing” is, it’ll make more sense.

Here goes:

  • Main surface area: The actual desk. That’s where you put your laptop, screen, office accessories etc’
  • Elevated shelf: You can use this shelf to put your printer, scanner, fax machine (if you still have one of those around)
  • Slide Out Keyboard Panel: As the name implies – you put your keyboard on it
  • Utility Drawer: A useful drawer you can use to put things you need every now and then, like papers, staplers, notebooks… and, yes, your phone (so it doesn’t distract you throughout the day)
  • Bottom Shelf: Where your desktop computer stands and DOESN’T overheat.

Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

If you’re planning on getting a workstation desk, then this is one sweet looking little desk that gets the job done.

Tip: If you’re not experienced in assembling furniture, I suggest reading through the instructions carefully and repeatedly (they’re a little confusing), and ideally have an additional set of hands to assemble the desk. You’re going to need it.

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Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk

Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk


  • Easy assembly (no tools needed)
  • Lots of storage space
  • Super cheap


  • Not very wide
  • Awful packaging

You’re probably wondering:

“A student desk?! What do you think I am, a 21-year-old kid that plays video games all day?”

Sure, the name implies that it’s a “student desk”. But that’s only because the desk looks young and modern. So if you’re a 50-year-old young spirit, you’ll “dig” this cool desk.

If you’re a voracious book reader like I am, you’ll find that extremely useful. You can fill those with books, or with lovely pictures of your family. Now, instead of going to the kitchen every little break to grab a snack or grab your phone to mindlessly scroll Facebook, you can instead use your breaks to pick up an interesting book.

Much better, isn’t it?

Tip: Like many other desks, the packaging on this desk is awful and doesn’t protect the desk from damages that can happen during shipping. So make sure you examine your desk properly after you get it to make sure there wasn’t any damage. 

Fortunately, the assembly is easy-peasy. Even a 21-year-old college kid can do it (pun intended).

And because it’s mostly targeted for students, that means it’s cheap! So you get to reap the rewards without even holding a student card!

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Standing & Adjustable Desks

If you’re a productivity or personal development nut like I am, chances are you’ve witnessed the whole standing desk craze going on in the past few years.

I’ve heard it all:

  • “Human beings weren’t made to sit on a chair all day.”
  • “Sitting is the new smoking”
  • “Sitting all day is one of the primary causes of childhood obesity”

And being the skeptic that I am, I tend to take such dramatic headlines with a grain of salt.

But in this case, the health benefits, or I should say health dangers of sitting down all day is quite clear: it’s incredibly unhealthy – especially in the long run.

Our body needs to stretch, to move around… otherwise, our body suffers. And if our body suffers, we suffer. And if we suffer, our work suffers.

So if you were thinking of getting a standing home office desk – good call.

And if you weren’t really considering getting a standing desk before you landed on this article – I still suggest you glance through this section. You might just discover that it’s worth it.

VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Top Standing Desk

Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk


  • No assembly required whatsoever
  • Adjusts smoothly
  • Comfortable as hell
  • Incredibly well built


  • A bit of a stretch for tall people (over 6.0’)
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

I’ll cut straight to the chase: this is the best home office standing desk your money can buy, period.

How’s that for a statement?

And that’s not just my opinion… A quick look at the reviews will tell you the same story.

Setting it up and adjusting it is a breeze, and if you ever had a lousy adjustable desk – then you know that’s a huge deal. Most of the adjustable desks out there are so hard and clunky that you end up giving up on the whole idea.

“I think I’ll stay seated, thank you very much…” kind of thing.

Tip: A quick caveat for tall people: I’ve seen a lot of tall people complain that they find it too short even at its highest adjustable level. So if you’re over 6.0, then skip this one (P.S – the next adjustable desk on the list solves that problem)

Another obvious downside here is the price.

But one thing is for sure: this isn’t just about getting a better mousetrap. It’s (literally) about improving your health and quality of life (and work).

So if you can afford it, then…

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Crank Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk with Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Crank Adjustable Sit To Stand Up Desk With Heavy Duty Steel Frame


  • Exceptional for tall people
  • Mobile – Rock N’ “Roll”!
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Gorgeous


  • Unclear installation instructions

The previous standing desk had one major flaw: the adjustable travel length was too short. In other words – tall people are screwed.

Don’t worry, here’s the solution you giants (or mini giants) are looking for.

Note: I’m 5.5, so yea, I’m jealous… 

Just be patient when you install this desk. The instructions are pretty bad.

Our Rating:

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VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Sit to Stand

Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit To Stand


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Significantly cheaper than the alternatives


  • Not tall enough
  • Adjusting the desk isn’t easy (or intuitive)
  • Small desk space

If you liked Varidesk’s adjustable desk, but you got chickened out by its high price tag – join the club.

It is expensive… so what should you do? Should you suck it up and get it anyway?

Not so fast there, amigo.

A few years ago VIVO came out with its own standing desk and “broke the market”. They wanted to challenge Varidesk’s great-but-expensive desk and create its own quality home office standing desk for a significantly cheaper price.

Note: It reminds me of what Android (Google) did to Apple.

Did it work? Kind of…

VIVO was able to “steal” some potential Varidesk’s customers, but they still have a long way to go.

Sure, their standing desk isn’t as easy-to-use as Veridesk’s, and there are definitely some quality differences… But for such a low price, I would say it’s definitely a great budget alternative if you just don’t spare cash lying around the house.

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Designer & Luxury Desks

You have good taste, some money in the bank and could use a new breathtaking desk for your home office.

Granted, most of us can’t afford any of these luxury home office desks…if you can, then congratulations – you’re part of the 1%, the select few…

Please spare us mere mortals the heartache if you choose one of these designers desks 🙂

Hon Double Pedestal Desk

Top Luxury Desk

Hon Double Pedestal Desk


  • Central locking mechanism
  • Tons of surface & filing space
  • Elegant & modern colors
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Easy to assemble


  • Drawers need a little force to slide out

Where elegance meets utility.

HON’s desk is one handsome looking thing:

  • The colors are beautiful
  • The design is spectacular
  • The style is contemporary

But don’t let the “looks” fool you, it’s more than just a pretty face. HON’s desk is very nicely built with a long, strong & sturdy surface area, including a central locking mechanism for your drawers.

So that once you build it (and that’s easy), it’ll stand strong for years, if not decades.

A phenomenal, modern and incredibly useful desk to have on your side.

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Chinoiserie Harpsichord Style Home Office Desk + Chair

Chinoiserie Harpsichord Style Desk Chair


  • Absolutely stunning
  • Remarkably hand-painted Chinese style
  • 11 drawers & 2 hinged-door compartments


  • The price (obviously)

Now there’s a home office desk you don’t see every day.

Now I can go on and on how stunning, luxurious and useful this desk is (it has 11 drawers and two hinged-door compartments for crying out loud)… but that’ll miss the point entirely.

Even though all those things are true, that’s not why people choose to buy this.

People buy this to make a statement: you have great taste.

And I’m just talking about the high-end Chinese restaurants you like or the luxurious Chinese furniture you own (like this one) … It’s more than that.

It’s about making quality decisions. Because you know that: 

What you own is a reflection of who you are.

And if you can afford this luxury home office desk, and you appreciate the stunning, classic & hand-painted Chinese style – then this is one quality decision to make.

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Hollywood Swank Pearl Desk + Metal Cabriole Legs

Hollywood Swank Pearl Desk Metal Cabriole Legs


  • Pearl caviar leather finish
  • Gorgeous diamonds design
  • Executive desk
  • Part of Michael Amini’s famous Hollywood Swank collection


  • Price

I can’t really have a section of designer home office desks without mentioning the legendary Michael Amini, now can I?

Amini has been designing breathtaking furniture for over 30 years now: numerous collections, endless amounts of gorgeous furniture.

But there’s one collection that’s probably considered his signature collection: Hollywood Swank.

In that collection – there’s one particularly beautiful home office desk that deserves a place of honor on this list: Amini’s Hollywood Swank Pearl desk.

And when I say glamorous, I mean it:

  • The stunning diamond design
  • The pearl caviar finish
  • The beautiful butterfly door handles.

Absolutely dazzling.

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Cheap Desks

Sure, desks can get pretty expensive just take a look at the executive desks above and you’ll see what I mean.

But if you’re not an executive, do you really have to spend a lot of money on a good home office desk?

No… hell no!

In fact, you’re in for a VERY pleasant surprise. In this section, I’ll give you a couple of cheap home office desk ideas. But they’re not just cheap, they’re incredibly high quality too.

In other words – you CAN have your cake and eat it too… 

Zinus Modern Home Office Desk

Top Cheap Desk

Zinus Modern Home Office Desk


  • Modern & minimalist design
  • Assembling it is VERY easy
  • Light & sturdy at the same time
  • Cheap (obviously)


  • Wobbles when you push hard

I have to say, Zinus is a pleasant surprised.

For those of you with a sharp eye, you probably noticed this is the 2nd appearance Zinus makes on this list, and that says something!

If you recall, the first Zinus desk I featured above had a pretty unique look and was also very affordable.

This time, they created an elegant home office desk with a minimalistic, yet classy design – for an even cheaper price (which is probably why this desk is so freaking popular).

Assembling this desk is a joke (in a good way), even my 6-year-old nephew could put it together while he’s playing his video games.

Another cool thing is that this desk is so light, that moving it around is a breeze. So if there’s a good breeze outside, carry this table onto the street and work from there (I’m sure the neighbors wouldn’t mind).

A true steal – totally worth an award!

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Modern Computer & Study Desk + Folding Laptop Table for Home Office

Modern Computer Study Desk Folding Laptop Table For Home Office


  • Small & cozy – great for small places
  • Great customer support
  • Very cheap


  • Finish is scratch-prone
  • Instructions aren’t clear – assembling it can be a pain

Budget desks don’t have to suck. This cute home office desk is living proof of that.

It’s small, it’s cozy, it’s cheap (to say the least) and it actually looks quite cool.

One thing you should keep in mind though: like so many other desks – the instructions are very vague.

So If you find yourself having a hard time assembling this desk, contact the seller and ask him to send you a video on how to assemble the desk (or proper instructions). You’ll save precious hours of frustration.

For such a low price, you’re getting more than you can hope for.

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Flash Furniture Clifton Black Computer Desk

Flash Furniture Clifton Black Computer Desk


  • Space efficient – small & convenient desk
  • Easy to install
  • Ridiculously cheap


  • Might be “too small’ – the desk is tiny
  • Not a lot of legroom
  • Easily scratched
  • Feels cheap

“What is that thing?!”

That’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this tiny home office desk.

But then I realized: “Oh, wait a second, this is quite smart”

In case you were wondering:

  • The top shelf that sticks out is meant for your computer monitor
  • The middle shelf is your desk’s surface area
  • The bottom shelf holds your desktop computer, files, speakers or anything else you think of putting there.

That all sounds good, and it is…

Except, it comes at a cost (and I’m not talking about money – this desk is horribly cheap).

The desk is incredibly small. It’s tiny. You can set up camp in the hallway and no one would mind.

And the bottom shelf, while a good idea, doesn’t help with the legroom, which is kind of limited to begin with. If you install the bottom shelf, then I’m afraid to say that tall people wouldn’t be able to work from this desk.

You basically have to make a choice – either YOU go, or the bottom shelf goes.

Plus, the parts feel kind of cheap (which it is, so you get what you pay for).

At the end of the day – considering the ridiculously low price, then this desk is a pretty good deal, only if you decide that you can live with the tradeoffs.

Our Rating:

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Antique Desks

Are you a sucker for antiques?

You’re in luck… Because you’re seconds away from gorgeous antique home office desk ideas hiding behind the curtain.

I have to say – personally, I’m a contemporary decor guy… but I’ll be the first to admit: these desks do look impressive.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Coaster Home Furnishings Analiese Writing Desk – Antique Nutmeg

Top Antique Desk

Coaster Home Furnishings Analiese Writing Desk Antique Nutmeg


  • Main centerpiece quality
  • Very simple to build
  • Quality antique nutmeg design & finish


  • Heavy

This stylish baby is quite the compliments magnet.

It’s definitely not a standard home office desk (If that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of other options out there)… it’s a room centerpiece.

… The craftsmanship is outstanding

… The antique nutmeg finish is marvelous

… It’s strong and solid as a rock

Plus, It’s pretty easy to build the desk just by yourself. 

Tip: That said, I do recommend reading the entire steps in advance, so you know “what’s next”. That’ll save you some time wasted scratching your head trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

So do yourself a favor, and treat it as a “treat”. Because that’s exactly what it is – a treat…

Don’t just stick it in a dark corner where no one can see it. But its front and center so that you’ll receive some “Oohs and Aaahs” from your guests… but most importantly: from yourself.

Our Rating:

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Antique Sauder Carson Forge Desk

Antique Sauder Carson Forge Desk


  • Plenty of storage
  • Great customer service


  • A large number of pieces
  • Extremely heavy

If you prefer paying less for a nice antique home office desk, then Sauder’s antique desk is a perfectly valid option.

Sure, it’s nowhere near the quality of the previous antique nutmeg desk. But the price is significantly cheaper too.

The assembly is pretty straightforward and foolproof.

Tip 1: Although, keep in mind that this desk is VERY heavy. Don’t even try to carry it yourself, you’ll break your back. 

Tip 2: Don’t let a large number of parts scare you… you can handle it. I believe in you!

Tip 3: If the desk arrives with some damage from the shipping, don’t hesitate to contact Sauder’s customer service. They’re very helpful.

Yes, it’s not real wood – it’s a Washington Cherry finish.

But who doesn’t love Washington? And who doesn’t love Cherries?

Our Rating:

Get it Here

Tolstoy Rustic Lodge Acacia Wood Desk

Tolstoy Rustic Lodge Acacia Wood Desk


  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Real wood and iron + Acacia finish
  • A unique combination of antique & modern design


  • Heavy desk
  • Expensive

The antique home office desks section went like this:

  1. We started this section with high quality – medium price.
  2. Then, we went down to medium/high quality – low price.
  3. Now, we’ll finish strong with premium quality – premium price.

Speaking of strong finish – this rustic lodge desk is constructed from real wood & iron and finished in Acacia veneer.

That way, you get the best of both worlds: a unique combination of an antique look with a slightly modern touch.

And just as you’d imagine, the price ain’t cheap. So it’s definitely not for everyone.

Our Rating:

Get it Here


If you ever worked in a “regular” office job like I did, then you know what it’s like to be bored, unmotivated and unproductive…to be chained to your old desk for 8-10 hours straight, counting the seconds till you get the hell outa there.

Thankfully, your home office desk doesn’t have to be the same. In fact, it can and should be the exact opposite.

Don’t underestimate the impact of your home office space. You’re going to spend a significant amount of time there – so you better make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure right off the bat.

Here’s to meaningful work in a meaningful home office 🙂

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